Pure passion, pure emotion, pure magic

we felt the need to combine the highest level of High Fidelity with the naturalism and realism shown in a live interpretation.

In the manufacturing of our products, we combine the use of the most advanced technological robotics for the making of the cabinet, with essential handmade pieces by true artisan luthiers, to achieve a very special final product, unique and incomparable to any that is available in the market today.

Cabinet made entirely in Krion, a non-conductive and non-magnetic material that stands out for its high mass and the absence of resonances, resulting in no sound colorations.

The absence of metallic elements in the manufacturing of the cabinet. Not one metal screw is used: neither in the chassis, nor in the filter, not even in the fastening of the drivers.

Selected filter components chosen for their top sound quality, such as brand names Duelund and Mundorf, combined with very special NOS components.

Use of elements made with different types of wood – employed by renowned luthiers to make their musical instruments-, handmade and located in critical places with great sound influence